Singapore (Jan. 2019)

  • When I was in Singapore last, I met my friend Karen Hoisington when we were on the same walking tour at the historic Fullerton Hotel. We share an interest in the history of WWII. In fact, based on her extensive research, Karen has written a historical fiction based on the terrible experiences of her grand-aunt Elizabeth Choy during WWII. Elizabeth Choy is considered a war heroine by Singaporeans.
    On my layover, Karen is kind enough to drive me to the Changi Beach, where a massacre against the Chinese called Sook Ching occurred in Feb. 1942. We also dropped by the former Changi Hospital and an area where the British officers compound was before WWII.
  • One of the things I love about Singapore is the fact that several racial and religious groups able to coexist peacefully. Within the same street block in Chinatown, there is the Masjid Jamae (Muslim), the Sri Mariamman Temple (Hindu), and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. Within two blocks, there is the Telok Ayer St, Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church. (Photo missing)
  • The Battlebox tour at Fort Canning. This is where the fateful meeting occurred where Lieutenant General Arthur Percival decided to surrender to the Japanese Imperial Army on Feb. 1941. The 150,000 British Commonwealth soldiers were the biggest number in the history of the British Empire. The actual unconditional surrender took place at the Ford Factory.