Amsterdam (December 2013)

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  • Canals, churches and gables — Amsterdam is a very photogenic city. Historically, it was one of the greatest trading cities during the Dutch Golden
  • Museums and bikes — When I think of Amsterdam, two things come to mind: museums and bicycles. In the I AMsterdam tourist map, there is a listing of 39 museums. A friend told me that many people have more than one bike: a jalopy for day use and a fancy one for weekend use. 
  • City Library, Our Lord in the Attic and Oude Kerk — I was in Amsterdam over Christmas. The weather was pretty constant — overcast, drizzle, light rain, more rain. On the one day that the sun did make an appearance, the mood of the city almost became giddy. The city does have an amazing library, lovely architecture, and rich history.

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