Some Useful Websites

  • Wikitravel — the Wikipedia for travel information. Great site for transportation information for any city.
  • Amateur Traveler is an award winning travel podcast and blog.  Lots of great information from many destinations.  It is hosted by Chris Christensen.
  • Everything-Everywhere is the home of award-winning photographer and travel blogger Gary Arndt
  • The Point guy — the go to site everything that has to do with travel reward points.
  • How to Plan a European trip from
  • Normadic Matt is a best selling author who offers lots of useful travelling tips
  • Jonny Jet is another traveller I follow.  His site offers travel tips and deals.
  • Solo Travel — ideas and resources for solo traveller.
  • Viator– is major tour company that specializes local tours.

Links for specific countries or cities

Paris, France



Barcelona, Spain

Madrid, Spain

Lisbon, Portugal

Las Vegas, USA


Train Travel

In Europe, deep discount tickets between cities are made available 60 or 90 days before the day of travel and they are sold out quickly.  The earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket.  Also, time of day and day of the week will affect the price drastically.  Keep in mind that most major European cities have more than one major train station.

In Asia, train tickets are inexpensive but inter-cities trains get filled up quickly.  High-speed trains are plentiful in China but reservation is a must.